Software Development

Software development is the process of defining, programming, testing, and fixing computer code to create and support software products across digital platforms (web, mobile, cloud).

It encompasses everything from the programs you run on your computer and the apps you use on your phone, to the smart devices installed in your home and the technologies used by today’s most innovative companies.
Software Development - Digital Authority Partners

Our approach

iOS/Android app development

01. iOS/Android app development

We develop apps for iOS and Android, the world’s most popular mobile platforms. With over one billion users around the globe, market opportunity for these apps is vast – and growing. Support includes development for native apps, cross-platform apps, wearable apps, iPad apps, gaming apps, and more.

Web app development

02. Web app development

We develop applications that reside on servers and can be delivered to any device via the internet. Our development capabilities include Java development, API integration, database design, MEAN / LAMP, and other tech stacks.

Hybrid mobile web development

03. Hybrid mobile web development

We combine the best of web and mobile development technologies, allowing skilled web developers to easily create sophisticated mobile experiences. Benefits include cross-platform support, code portability, leveraging of existing websites, and a fast speed to market.

Why it works?

Agile methodology
We are agile! Agile allows for the flexibility to develop, assess, and iterate during the stages of software development to produce the best possible product, saving clients valuable time and resources in the process.
Cross-platform support
Our skilled developers build products for both web and mobile, so your users can access their favorite products on their favorite devices, seamlessly.
Fast time to market
Our technology and methodology maximize efficiency for high quality product releases with a faster time to market at a lower cost.

Our solutions include

iOS Development

Android Development

Web Development

Hybrid Mobile Development

Requirements Gathering

User Testing

Quality Assurance (QA)

Product Deployments

Ongoing Management & Support
Software Development - Digital Authority Partners

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