User Experience

How does your user feel when interacting with your digital product, service, or company? Is it an easy, enjoyable experience that helps them learn something new or get something done?

User experience is the sum of all experiences your customer has when interacting with your company through its digital channels. Your goal as an organization is to make each and every interaction with your customer as useful, seamless, and enjoyable as possible.
User Experience - Digital Authority Partners

Our approach

UX wireframes and prototypes

01. UX wireframes and prototypes

UX provides the user with the best functional product experience. Our UX architects first develop the “skeleton” of the product (wireframes), then help you envision the final product with high quality, interactive prototypes. We test until the experience is just right.

UI / Visual design

02. UI / Visual design

Whereas UX serves as the framework of the product experience, UI is the design that your users actually see and experience. Since much of how users feel about a product is based on their aesthetic perception of it, our UI designers work tirelessly to develop the right look and feel. Both UX and UI work hand in hand to enhance interaction and deliver a beautiful product.

Expert heuristic evaluation

03. Expert heuristic evaluation

Our usability experts review your product and compare it against pre-defined principles to ensure it meets rigorous usability standards. We then analyze and report on any tactical changes needed to improve the experience.

Usability testing and focus groups

04. Usability testing and focus groups

See how users interact with your product before it goes live. Based on feedback, we iterate the experience until we are confident your product will perform strongly in the marketplace.

Why it works?

Rigorous testing
Every detail is tested and refined to meet usability standards. Users will get an intuitive, hassle-free experience.
Beautifully designed products
When a product is easy to use, works as expected, and beautiful to look at, customers take notice.
Real-world feedback
We move beyond the boardroom to get honest feedback from real users. No guessing, no surprises.

Our solutions include


UI/VIsual Design


High Fidelity Comps


Usability Testing and Focus Groups
User Experience - Digital Authority Partners

Deliver an experience they won’t forget.


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