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One in three leaders don’t have access to the information they need to make informed decisions about their company.

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What can analytics show you?

See how customers interact on your website or app.

Use video to get insight into real-life user behavior.

See what your users are clicking on and what they are doing on your website or mobile app

Receive real-time alerts when site visits or sales drop.

Use easy-to-understand visual dashboards to make informed decisions, fast.

Turn insight into action

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Unlock the potential of your data

Get powerful business intelligence solutions at your fingertips

Get answers to your most
important questions

How are users
interacting with my
website or app?

Am I building the right
features for my website
or app?

What can I do to
convert more users
into paying customers?

Great products start with
great insight

We start by asking the right questions (and give you the
tools to answer them)

  • 01

    Web / App Analytics

    Understand user behavior on your website or mobile app,
    find and resolve friction points, optimize your conversion

  • 02

    A/B and Multivariate Testing

    Run multiple variations of your user experience to see
    which converts best. On average, companies that test
    see conversions increase by over 300%.

  • 03

    Reporting & Analysis

    Set up reporting systems, dive into your data and get
    actionable business insight.

  • 04

    Data Visualization

    Tell your data’s story through powerful,
    easy-to-understand dashboards, charts and other
    visualization techniques.

  • 05

    Marketing Optimization

    Optimize your marketing spend through media mix
    modeling, campaign analysis and search engine

  • 06

    Sentiment Analysis

    Understand how customers feel about your brand using
    user surveys, reviews and online activity.

  • 07

    Website & Application Optimization

    Regularly monitor, test and optimize your product to
    increase user satisfaction and drive sales.

Why invest in analytics?


Answer critical business questions


Measure product success & ROI


Facilitate learning


Prioritize the right features & functionality

Working with customers across


Financial Services

Private Equity




Media & Entertainment

Social Networks


IT Services



Other Specialities

We work with today's fortune
500 companies

And companies aspiring to become tomorrow's
fortune 500!

Top 10 US retailers

Top 10 US retailers


#1 doctor's digital platform in America


#2 grocery chain in the US


Top 15 audio companies in the world


Top 20 bike manufacturers


Top 25 credit card issuers

Take control of your data

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How we’re different



We embrace change.


Results driven

Our goal: help you achieve your business objectives.



We know data, and can quickly deliver the insights you need.



Day or night, we’re here to help.



We’ve implemented analytics solutions on over 100 websites & apps.

Our Process

1. Review & define objectives
  • Company & team objectives
  • KPIs & metrics

2. Develop analytics infrastructure
  • Define analytics tools
  • Implement tools quickly & accurately

3. Collect data
  • Set up data collection points
  • Validate data accuracy

4. Measure & Report
  • Scorecards & dashboards
  • Insights & recommendations

5. Empower action
  • Implement recommendations
  • Review KPIs & metrics

6. Iterate
  • Test production recommendations
  • Measure, analyze, repeat

7. Test, test, test
  • Identify areas for improvement
  • Build, launch, test

What’s your data telling you?
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